Rolling R Farm - Know where your food comes from.
About Us
  Rolling R Farm is small family farm located a mere 2 miles from beautiful downtown Gaylord, conveniently located adjacent to the "Rails to Trails" bike/snowmobile trail. Over the last nearly 25 years through hard work and grit we have continued to improve our land with sound farming practices and contentious land management. We have a beautiful combination of lush rolling pastures and farmable fields that are rotated yearly to minimize the need for any of the chemical "CIDES". We also have 2 wonderful, circa 1930's, rustic log cabins that are available to rent for private parties.
  We are passionate about high quality all natural produce and meat and love to share our knowledge and experience with all our customers.  Knowing where your food really comes from gives the consumer not only more control over their individual health and wellness but also an incredible respect for the foods that sustain us.  We strive to raise heirloom and heritage breeds of vegetables and animals.
  As a result sometimes tomatoes are red or pink or yellow or green with scars and bumps.  It's amazing to see peoples faces when, at the Farmers Market, I ask if customers buying tomatoes would like to sample the different types before choosing a variety, almost all say the same thing "Don't they all taste like tomatoes?"  Nothing could be more untrue!   Each variety tastes unique in it's flavor, aftertaste and acidity.  I have customers now who come back year after year for their "favorite" tomato!
  Our chicken breeds are the chickens "Grandmother" used to raise, with long muscular legs, narrow breasts and plentiful delicious dark meat.  No hybrid white meat chickens here.
  Berkshire pork is world renowned for it's darker meat color and intra muscular marbling, much like beef, which gives it a juiciness and unquestionable flavor. 
   Polled Hereford cattle are well known for their meat quality and amazing temperament, we only had one break out this year, not really a break out but more of a fence down out, and instead of running to the next county our steers literally came to our picture window wanting to be put back in! 
  We encourage all our customers to come out to the farm, meet the animals, see how they are raised, pick your own vegetables, collect you own eggs and learn something new! 
 Jim & Erica Hopp

2440 Old 27 North
Gaylord, MI 49735